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For your safety and comfort, we provide a unique support service for students living in UniLife apartments.

24-Hour Maintenance Service

Lost keys, broken Air Conditioning, plumbing problem… Troubles do come along with living alone. We are here to assist and solve all those problems for you.
If you apply for our support service, you will get a discount when repair is required.

Excellent damage coverage services

We offer damage coverage for any damage risks

Household item insurance

The insurance company will pay for your household items in case of fire, accidents, and robbery.

Insurance for landlords

Landlord’s properties are also insurance in case tenants cause any damages.

Personal liability insurance

Covered from damages to other individuals caused in everyday life. This coverage will be decided by the insurance company.

24-hour Medical Service

We give you appropriate advice on health and medical matters, mental health care and finding hospitals, etc. This service is available 24-hours, and your privacy is strictly protected.
*Available ony in Japanese.

Unique Amenities of UniLife’s student apartments

Please note that not all apartments are furnished with these amenities. Please contact us for more informaion.

Shared Space

Auto-lock system at the entrance

The entrance door opens automatically as you put your card key over the machine at the entrance Also, you can check the guests via security camera and open the entrance door from your room. No strangers can get into the building.

Drop-off Box

Delivery person can leave a package in this box when the resident is away.

Room Amenity

Security Key System

Opens with security code. No worry about loosing keys.

Dimple Key

Difficult to duplicate due to complex key surface

Internet Connection

There is no need for installation, and you can yse the Internet right offer you apply for the service. UniLife offers flat-rate and unlimited Internet access.

Storage Space

Each room is equipped with some pieces of furniture, such box as closet, shelves, shoes box, etc.


Our kitchens have safe electric cooker. (Some apartments have gas cooker)


There are two kinds of rooms with “Separate-styles”, where a toilet and bathtub are located in different rooms and “Unit bath style”, where a toilet and bath tub are in one room.


Three types of rooms are available: rooms with a washer and dryer, rooms with a washer and dryer, rooms with space for installing a washer, and rooms with shared coin-laundries.

Air conditioner

All ACs have heating and cooling functions.

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