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A fee for a roon for one month. Pay the following month’s rent in advance at the end of each month.

Management and maintenance fee:
Used for management, electricity and cleaning of the shared space.


Money entrusted to the landlord for damages caused to the room or delays in paying the rent. When you move out, cleaning and repariring fees will be deducted from the eposit and the remaining will be refunded.

Key money:

Money to be paid to the landlord. Unlike the deposit, key money will not be refunded.

Intermediary charge:

The fee to be paid to the real estate company. Generally the amount is equirarant to one month’s rent.


You have to buy insurance when you rent a room in Japan. UniLife’s comprehensive insurance for students covers the damages caused by fire or pluming problems, so you do not need to buy any other insurances.

The guarantor

When renting a room in Japan, you must have a guarantor. Whithout one, it is impossible to rent a room.
There have been cases when the school becomes the guarantor.


The contract is proof of the contract terms, conditions and deposit. Therefore, please keep it safe until the contract term expires. Generally, only the contractor can live in an apartment room in Japan. However, if you wish to share a room, please let the UniLife staff know. We will assist you in finding the appropriate apartments.

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