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Finding a room

When you need to rent an apartment in Japan, please contact UniLife.
The proccess will go smoother if you can have a Japanese speaker contact us, such as your school’s staff or a Japanese friend.
In case you do not have any acquaintance who can speak Japanese, you can call our multilingual free-dial service.
FREE CALL 0120-300-158

Visiting the UniLife office

Let us know your preferences, furnished apartments, distance to school, room size etc. We will introduce an apartment that meets your needs.

Go and check beforehand

If you find an apartment that suits you, we can take you to the apartment and show you around for free. If you do not like the apartment, it is perfectly okay to say no. If you like the apartment but want to rethink or see someone’s advice or opinion, please let us know.

Application and contract procedures

After your application is submitted, there is a simple screening process, and then we will explain some important points about the contract. This is when you will pay the deposit. If you have any question, please clear everything up with us before contract.

Moving in

Once you receive the key to the apartment from UniLife office, your new life begins.

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