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Picking up your resident card

After you arrive in Japan, please pick up your resident card after you go through immigration. While living in Japan, please carry this card with you at all times.

Let’s begin the life in Japan.

1. Start using electric power

You can use electric power after calling the electric power company.

2. Start using gas

Please call the Gas Corporation in order to make reservation for a visitation by corporation staff. The staff will explain how to use the gas and how to pay. After the visitation, you can use gas.

3. Start using water service

You can use water after calling the waterworks corporation. You can drink the tap water in Japan.
*All electricity, gases, and water bills can be paid at the convenience stores.

4. Take out garbage

Japan has strict garbage rules. Make sure you follow the guidelines for separating garbage. If you need information, please ask us or go to your ward office or the city office.

5. Contract for Internet Service

Please ask us. We have the lists of providers that work well with the apartment you live.

6. Create a Bank Account

You can open an account by visiting a bank. Please take the alien registration certificate and some money to deposit. An account is useful for paying the public utility bills, rent, etc.

Student Discount

“College student” visa holder can use student discount rate. “Pre-collage student” visa holders are not elgible for student discount.

1. commuter pass

Commuter passes are available at student rates (subways, trains, and buses).
Please show your student’s ID card when purchase the pass aat the nearby station.

2. Discount transportation ticket for students

The discount ticket of JR is famous.
When you use the JR train longer than 100km (one way), you can receive 20% discount. Please contact your school for a student discount certificate. The discount ticket can be issued up to ten times per year. Other public transportation companies also have sutdent discount system. Please contac the companies for the information directly.

3. Other services

Schools provide various services for international students. Please ask the international student advisers or counselors for the information.

The Permit for Deviation of Status and Part-time Job

Permit for Deviation of Status is a certificate to prove you are permitted to involved in activities which earn income, as well as those activities designated for the original purpose of visa. With the Permit, you are allowed to work in Japan. You must apply for the Permit before working, or your visa will be voided and you have to leave Japan with in a short notice. please ask about application process in your school.

The permitted working hours are:
College student visa within 28 hours in a week (A long term vacation is an exception: within 8 hours a day). However, you are not allowed to work at pachinko parlors, mahjong parlors, nightclubs etc.

Temporary leave and re-entry to Japan

Inform your school teachers when you temporarily leave Japan during vacations
Before leaving, it is necessary to get “Re-entry permit” at the Immigration Bureau. If you do not have the re-entry permit upon your arrival, it may take more than one month to process your re-entry application.
When leaving Japan, it is necessary to present the alien registration certificate to an immigration officer.

The necessary documents fo re-entry to Japan
  • 1 Re-entry permit (Applications for re-entry permits can be issued at the nearest immigration office) The administration fee is 3,000 yen.
  • 2 Passport
  • 3 Alien registration card
  • 4 Student ID card

Inviting your parents and relatives to Japan for sightseeing purposes.

Embassy of Japan in China
Embassy of Japan in USA
Embassy of Japan in Korea
Embassy of Japan in Thailand
Embassy of Japan in Vietnam

Please refer to the Home page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
You can find the instruction about application procedures and necessary documents required for each nationality.
When international students are the “inviter” and “Guarantor,” you can subbmit a student registration certificate, instead of an employment certificate.

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